Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)

Acquire the Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) certification and demonstrate your knowledge of quality assurance concepts and techniques in the IT industry.

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About The Course

The Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) certification symbolizes an acknowledged level of proficiency in the practices of quality assurance in the IT industry. The candidates get the opportunity to be a part of a well-recognized professional group and receive recognition of their competence by business and professional associates conceivably more accelerated career progression and greater acceptance in the role as advisory to management. Moreover, the candidate gets an overall understanding of bug database software and version control, and the candidate familiarizes with client and server architecture in testing.

Course Objectives

This course teaches you about core aspects such as:

  • Testing Concepts
  • Project vs. Product
  • Objectives of Testing
  • What is SDLC?
  • Requirements Collection
  • Design Phase
  • Coding
  • Testing (Static & Dynamic)
  • Delivery and Maintenance
  • Waterfall Model, Iterative Model, V-Model, Prototype Model, and Agile Model
  • White, Black, and Grey Box Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Software Quality Management


The Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)™ Certification has a pre-requisite

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What's included

  • 32 Hours Training Course
  • Certificate
  • 9 Module
  • 24/7 Support


  • Software Testers & Developers who want to move to Quality Assurance


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