ISO 9001 Lead Implementer

Enroll in the ISO 9001 Lead Implementer test to showcase your practical knowledge and professional abilities in implementing ISO 9001 in a company.

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About The Course

ISO 9001 Lead Implementer certification is developed by Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) for advanced-career level professionals responsible for executing a Quality Management System (QMS) and those who require to manage an implementation project. The organization that has quickly adopted the principles of ISO 9001 often reports that there have been considerable improvements in their operations, with business gains. Moreover, ISO 9001 certification is applicable for both large as well as small businesses that will benefit from adopting an efficient QMS that will save time and cost. After the completion of the course, the candidate will gain a deep understanding of the best practices possible of Quality Management Systems.

Course Objectives

The core aspects of the ISO 9001 Lead Implementer credential are the following:

  • Acknowledge the correlation between ISO 9001 and other standards and regulatory frameworks
  • Master the concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques used for the implementation and effective management of a QMS
  • Interpretation of the ISO 9001 requirements in the specific context of an organization
  • Effectively plan, implement, manage, monitor, and maintain a QMS
  • Implementing Quality Management System best practices


The ISO 9001 Lead Implementer Certification has no pre-requisites.

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What's included

  • 32 Hours Training Course
  • Certificate
  • 7 Module
  • 24/7 Support


  • Project managers or consultants wanting to prepare and support an organization in the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS)
  • ISO 9001 auditors who wish to fully understand the Quality Management System implementation process
  • Persons responsible for the Quality or conformity in an organization.
  • Members of a quality team
  • Expert advisors in Quality Management Systems
  • Technical experts wanting to prepare for a quality function or for a QMS project management function


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