NGINX Load Balancing

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About The Course

Enroll for 1-day NGINX Load Balancing course from Upskill Finder. In this course you will learn about exploration of NGINX HTTP and TCP/UDP load balancing. NGINX Load Balancing begins with a general review of load balancing. You’ll cover load balancer configuration, selection algorithms, and weighting. The follow up activities include: configuring an upstream, session persistence, and enabling extended status / live activity monitoring. The Course also covers TCP/UDP load balancing, with active health checks and configuration of routing and IP sourcing. We demonstrate a highly available (HA) NGINX systems in case of node failure. The objective of this course is to enable you to deploy a high performing (ADC) application delivery controller using NGINX Plus and its features.

Course Objectives

This course teaches you about core aspects such as;

  • Set up http load balancing to backend servers
  • Describe load balancing migration scenarios
  • Configure and test the backup parameter
  • Use the NGINX live activity monitoring dashboard to monitor HTTP and TCP back-end servers
  • Understand and configure session persistence methods
  • Configure and test TCP load balancing and active health checks
  • Understand HA scenarios


  • Knowledge of NGINX Core.
  • Basic understanding of networking, web servers, HTTP, proxying, and related concepts.
  • Experience with Linux environments.
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