CCIE Enterprise Wireless

Obtain the CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification and set yourself apart as a thought leader in Enterprise Wireless technologies.

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About The Course

Software, networking, and infrastructure grow more and more interconnected every day. Applications deliver exciting new experiences, and with intent-based networking, organizations can take advantage of automation to scale and secure their wireless networking infrastructure. With CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification, your opportunities to help maximize that potential are boundless. Just ask hiring managers: 71% of them say that certifications increase their confidence in an applicant’s abilities.

CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification helps you prove your skills in the ever-changing landscape of wireless technologies. The certification covers core technology areas and validates your end-to-end lifecycle skills in complex enterprise wireless networks, from planning and design to operating and optimizing.

Exam and Recommended Training 

  • Exam: Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR 350-401)
  • Lab: CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0

Course Objectives

After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Illustrate the hierarchical network design model and architecture using the access, distribution, and core layers
  • Compare and contrast the various hardware and software switching mechanisms and operation, while defining the Ternary Content
  • Addressable Memory (TCAM) and Content Addressable Memory (CAM), along with process switching, fast switching, and Cisco
  • Express Forwarding concepts
  • Troubleshoot Layer 2 connectivity using VLANs and trunking
  • Implementation of redundant switched networks using Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Troubleshooting link aggregation using Etherchannel
  • …many more


There are no formal prerequisites for CCIE Enterprise Wireless, but you should have a thorough understanding of the exam topics before taking the exam.

CCIE candidates are recommended to have five to seven years of experience with designing, deploying, operating and optimizing enterprise wireless technologies and solutions prior to taking the exam.

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